Economic Impact Payment | IRS ‘Payment Status Not Available’ | Coronavirus Check

COVID-19 Economic Impact Payment

For some, they have already received their COVID-19 check (‘Economic Impact Payment‘). For others, they receive the dreaded ‘Payment Status Not Available’ message.

How to find out the status of your Economic Impact Payment:  the IRS set-up a website specifically so one could check the status of their ‘Economic Impact Payment – but what about the ‘Payment Status Not Available’ message? lists the 4 major reasons one receives the above message. Suffice it to say that, during a time such as this, calling the IRS is simply not tenable

Read more at – and while you’re on the site, check out some of the articles about what the military and those both serving and we veterans are doing not only during COVID-19 but also some American military history. (As a Marine, stories about heroes such as Lt Gen Chesty Puller and the battle at the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War are just two of the stories too few Americans know about.)


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Photo courtesy of Alexander Mils from Pexels

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